Why Does E-ZPass Keep Charging Me?

You have probably used E-ZPass before if you have ever driven on a toll road. You can avoid the toll booth altogether by using the electronic toll collecting system, which is now in operation in 17 different states across the United States. While many drivers find E-ZPass to be a time-saver, some have complained about problems with the system, such as getting charged multiple times for the same toll. This article will explain why your E-ZPass may keep billing you and what steps you may take to stop the fees.

Possible Causes of More Than One E-ZPass Charge:

Technical problems: For technical reasons, E-ZPass may be charged for use at times. The E-ZPass system or your transponder may be at fault here (the device that communicates with the E-ZPass system to pay for tolls). It is crucial to call E-ZPass customer support immediately if you suspect that you are being charged multiple times due to a technical issue.

Balance on account: Your E-ZPass account may be debited many times for the same toll if there is insufficient funds. This is because E-ZPass will try to bill the toll to your account automatically, and will try again if there are insufficient funds. Maintain a healthy balance in your E-ZPass account to avoid this inconvenience.

Accounts for more than one E-ZPass: The same toll may be applied to several E-ZPass accounts if you have more than one. This can happen if you have a toll road account with one agency but utilise a toll road operated by a different agency. To prevent this from happening, it is recommended that all drivers use the same E-ZPass account when crossing toll highways.

Not paid tolls: In the event that you fail to pay a toll with your E-ZPass, the toll amount, plus a fee, will be charged to your account. You may be charged more than once for the same toll if you continue to drive on toll roads without paying. You can avoid this problem by promptly paying your tolls.

Problems with licence plates: Your E-ZPass account may be charged many times for the same toll if the licence plate on your car is not correctly registered. This may occur if the licence plate information in your account is out of date or if you have just switched vehicles. Make sure your vehicle’s licence plate is associated with your E-ZPass account accurately to avoid this problem.

How to Get Rid of Multiple E-ZPass Charges:

Customer service for E-ZPass: The first thing you should do if you think you’ve been charged more than once for the same toll on your E-ZPass is get in touch with customer support. They can look into it and find out what’s causing the duplicate charges.

Check the E-ZPass account you have: See if there are any outstanding tolls or fees on your E-ZPass account. Please settle any outstanding tolls as soon as possible to avoid further fees.

Update the data on your account: Make careful to update your account information if you have more than one E-ZPass or if the licence plate information is out of date. This will aid in avoiding duplicate fees in the future.

You can fight the charges: If you think you’ve been charged more than once in error, you can contact E-ZPass to get the charges removed. Make sure you have any documentation, including toll receipts or proof of technological faults, to back up your claim if you file a complaint.

Think about using a different way to pay tolls: Those who have had trouble with E-ZPass might think about using a toll tag or transponder if they need to pay tolls. You can perhaps get automatic toll discounts or a higher account balance with these choices.


Although E-ZPass has made it easier for drivers to avoid having to carry cash and carry only one form of payment, the system is not without its flaws. Contacting PaybyPlatema E-ZPass customer support, checking your account for unpaid tolls, amending your account details, and disputing the charges are all things you may do if you’re having this problem.

If the problem remains after trying a new means of paying the toll, you may want to try it. In order to avoid paying for tolls you don’t use, it’s important to know what could be causing multiple E-ZPass charges and how to fix the problem.

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