Where to Buy E-ZPass in New Jersey (NJ)

The $3 billion U.S. toll industry could not function without the E-ZPass. Having been put in place in 1987, this method has been essential in streamlining the country’s toll collection procedure.

New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania are the three states with the most widespread use of the E-ZPass electronic toll collection system. Congestion on the region’s myriad of congested highways is eased as a result.

Because of its easy-to-understand operation, it has spread rapidly throughout New Jersey. This transponder works on all toll roads, so passengers only need one pass for their trip. To simplify their lives and save time on their commutes, people naturally desire this pass.

If you’re trying to figure out how to get your hands on an E-ZPass, here are your options. Please read on to learn more about purchasing an E-ZPass.

Apply online

To apply online, simply choose the drop-down menu next to “State” and fill out the form for your home state. To speed things up, you should also have your credit card details and licence plate number at the ready.

Visit a customer service center

E-ZPasses can be obtained at several official customer service centres directly. Numerous locations offering such assistance may be found all across the city. For example, there are several E-ZPass customer service centres, like the ones in Camden and DRBA.

Visit this location with the required paperwork and speak with an E-ZPass agent about getting a replacement pass. If you prefer not to use the Internet, these passes can be purchased right at the gate.

Call the toll-free number

Get in touch with New Jersey E-ZPass staff via their toll-free hotline. In the event of a new application, please contact the appropriate authorities by dialling 1-888-AUTO-TOLL (1-888-288-6865).

Reach out to them via mail

Sending an email to the following address is another another simple way to initiate the E-ZPass process:

New Jersey’s E-ZPass Call Center

PO box 52001

07101-8201, Newark, New Jersey

Please contact this address if you are ready to begin a vehicle-related application.


Now more than ever, getting an Paybyplatema E-ZPass is a breeze. With a variety of options, you won’t have to wait long to get this programme developed for your automobiles. And one pass is all that’s required.

All of your vehicles can be listed on a single pass, and you’ll only have to worry about making one set of toll payments. The question then becomes, “Why wait?” Get your hands on an E-ZPass today to make your travels a breeze.

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