Where to buy E-ZPass in Brooklyn?

The E-ZPass is a must-have for anyone who makes frequent use of Brooklyn’s extensive network of toll roads, bridges, and tunnels. Where, though, may one buy one in the borough of Brooklyn? If you’re looking for where to buy an E-ZPass in Brooklyn, you’ll find all the details you need right here.

Where to Buy an E-ZPass in Brooklyn


The official E-ZPass website is one of the most convenient places to buy a pass. All you need to do is establish an account, select a plan, and choose how you wish to pay. Either a credit card or debit card, or even better, direct withdrawals from your bank account, can be used to make payments. After making your purchase, your E-ZPass will be delivered to you through mail within a few days.

E-ZPass Customer Service Centers

There are two E-ZPass offices in Brooklyn, so if you’d rather buy your pass in person, you can. These facilities are available to the public on weekdays between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:00 pm. Using the E-ZPass website or the toll-free number, you may easily locate the facility that is most convenient for you.

Retail Locations

Convenience stores, gas stations, and supermarket stores across Brooklyn sell E-ZPasses too. To buy an E-ZPass or add money to an existing one, you can use the kiosk or machine often found at these spots. Not all stores sell E-ZPasses, so it’s a good idea to contact ahead to be sure.

MTA MetroCard Vending Machines

You can get an E-ZPass from any MTA MetroCard vending machine in Brooklyn if you ride the subway or buses frequently. You can use cash, credit, or debit at the convenient machines that can be found in most subway stations. To buy and activate an E-ZPass, just tap the screen where it says “E-ZPass,” then comply with the on-screen instructions.

For Brooklyn, what are the E-ZPass pricing options?

When purchasing an E-ZPass, you’ll be asked to pick a subscription plan. Some of the available options are as follows:

If you choose for the “Pay-As-You-Go” system, you’ll have to pay the toll every time you drive on a bridge, tunnel, or other roadway that requires payment. The cost of the toll depends on the length of your commute and the time of day. Those who rarely travel or who only sometimes use the toll roads will benefit most from this arrangement.

Tolls on bridges and tunnels might be expensive, but if you prepay for a certain amount of time, you can use your E-ZPass to get around those costs. Those who travel frequently or who routinely utilise toll roads would benefit most from this package.

Plans designed specifically for commuters who make frequent use of the same toll road, bridge, or tunnel can save money on their weekly tolls. There are a number of options for commuters, such as a Monthly Unlimited Pass, a Monthly 10-Trip Ticket, or a Monthly 20-Trip Ticket.

This plan is tailored to frequent users of the New York State Thruway, a network of toll roads and bridges that spans the state. You can select either a Pay-As-You-Go or a Prepaid option with this plan, and toll charges are lowered.

Plans created specifically for commercial usage of the E-ZPass network of toll roads, bridges, and tunnels. The Commercial Pay-Per-Use Plan, the Commercial Prepay Plan, and the Commercial Fleet Plan are just a few of the available options for businesses.

In Brooklyn, how much does an E-ZPass cost?

In order to determine how much an E-ZPass will set you back, we need to know what kind of vehicle you drive and the plan you’re interested in. The starting price for a passenger vehicle on the Pay-Per-Use plan is $30, while on the Prepay plan it is $25. A business vehicle’s price tag shifts with the model of car and the coverage option selected.

Also, please be aware that the minimum amount to start an E-ZPass account is $10 and that there is a one-time $1 activation cost for all Paybyplatema E-ZPass plans. When using the Prepay option, you’ll need to top out your account with cash to cover toll fees.


Buying an E-ZPass in the borough of Brooklyn is a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to navigate the city’s many toll roads, bridges, and tunnels. You can buy an E-ZPass in Brooklyn from a variety of sources, including the MTA’s website, customer service centres, retail outlets, and automated MetroCard vending machines. Select the right E-ZPass plan and use it right now to make your trips easier and more convenient.

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