Where in Washington, DC, can I buy an E-ZPass?

Unfortunately, you can’t buy an E-ZPass transponder in any DC area retailers just yet because the District of Columbia isn’t part of the E-ZPass system. Some areas, including the I-66, are still using the old system.

Any motorists using I-66 will get an invoice from the appropriate authorities. Keep in mind that these toll booths are equipped with cameras that record images of unpaid-for automobiles that did not use transponders.

It’s more expensive to pay the toll after receiving it in the mail than to use your E-ZPass transponder to pay it automatically. The only way for a resident of Washington, DC to circumvent this issue is to buy their E-ZPass from a vendor outside of the District of Columbia.

Getting an E-ZPass in Virginia is the most popular choice because it may also be used in the nation’s capital. You may do this in less than ten days by going to the VA E-ZPass website, registering, and then waiting for your transponder to arrive in the mail. In order to streamline the process, you can contact 1-877-762-7824, supply the necessary information, and obtain your transponder in the same number of days.

Washington DC E-ZPass Transponders Locations

Once again, you can’t buy an E-ZPass transponder in the nation’s capital. Even so, the item is sold in a number of places around the Commonwealth of Virginia. AAA offices, Wegmans supermarkets, and the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles are just a few of the places you may get your vehicle registration renewed. You may get more information about each place on this page.

The E-ZPass Flex is also obtainable. Use the same website or the above number to request an E-ZPass Flex if this is the route you wish to use or to upgrade from a regular E-ZPass. For prompt restocking, you can also drop by one of the aforementioned locations.

If you previously had a regular E-ZPass and have since upgraded to a Flex card, please send your old card to the address below.

Clifton Forge, Virginia 24422-1234, Attention: E-ZPass Service Center

If you requested the swap via mail or phone, the following information is for you. For this reason, they avoided going to a facility in person.

The replacement cost for a lost transponder is $10.

You can use your E-ZPass in more states

Investing in an E-ZPass pays out in the long run. It makes travel easier and more comfortable by eliminating the need to constantly stop and buy tools. The E-ZPass lanes are available in 17 states, including Virginia, New York, and Maryland.

Please visit the following website and select the “Missed a Toll” option if you used an Paybyplatema E-ZPass lane without a transponder. Payments can be made quickly and easily online. That way, you won’t have to worry about receiving a citation for a violation in the mail.

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