What does an invalid tag mean for EZ-Pass in Maryland?

You have probably used an EZ-Pass at some point if you have travelled on a toll road in Maryland. The EZ-Pass system is an electronic way for drivers to avoid having to stop at a toll booth when passing through toll plazas. Instead, the toll is taken out of the driver’s account using an EZ-Pass reader installed in the car.

When using a toll lane, however, drivers are occasionally faced with an error notice or a beep. Having a “invalid tag” could be a problem. But what does this signify, and how can we get through this impasse?

What does an incorrect tag indicate for EZ-Pass in Maryland? What could be causing it? And how can you resolve it?

What is a tag that isn’t valid?

In the EZ-Pass system, a “invalid tag” means that the device attached to the car is not valid for use on the toll road. There are several potential causes for this:

  • The tag isn’t attached to the car in the right place.
  • Damage or malfunction has occurred to the tag.
  • No data has been recorded or triggered for this tag.
  • The corresponding account has been locked out temporarily or permanently.

In most cases, an error message or beep will be produced by the system when a vehicle with a bad tag uses a toll lane. The driver may also receive a fine or a notice of violation, depending on the nature of the offence.

What are reasons why a tag might not work?

As we’ll see, there could be a number of reasons for an invalid tag.

Tag not properly attached or placed:

The EZ-Pass tag often isn’t attached to the car in the right spot. Mounting an EZ-Pass tag inside the windscreen, behind the rearview mirror, is the standard practise. The toll system may have trouble reading the tag if it is not attached properly or placed in this spot.

Drivers can resolve this problem by checking that the EZ-Pass tag is properly attached and positioned within the windscreen behind the rearview mirror.

Either tag is broken or not working:

Damage to or malfunction of the tag is another possible reason for an invalid tag. Electronic EZ-Pass tags can malfunction if exposed to extreme temperatures, high or low humidity, or a strong enough force. Damaged or malfunctioning tags may not be properly read by the toll system.

The problem can be resolved by contacting the PaybyPlatema EZ-Pass customer support centre and requesting a replacement tag. It is possible that drivers will need to make adjustments to their profiles to reflect the new tag.

Either tag not registered or turned on:

The toll system may reject a brand new EZ-Pass tag if it has not been registered or activated. An EZ-Pass tag needs to be linked to a valid account before it can be used. In most cases, this will necessitate adding a payment method to the account in addition to personal and car details.

Drivers can resolve this problem by visiting the EZ-Pass website or calling the customer support centre to register and activate their EZ-Pass tag.

Either account suspended or closed:

The toll system will not accept an EZ-Pass tag if the driver’s account has been cancelled or suspended. There are a number of potential causes for this, including unpaid tolls, infraction notices, and other problems.

The problem can be fixed only if the drivers take care of their own problems.

restore their EZ-Pass account by paying any outstanding tolls or penalties. Contacting the EZ-Pass help desk or going online to the EZ-Pass website are the two most common ways to accomplish this.

How to fix a tag that doesn’t work:

We have looked at some of the possible reasons for an invalid tag; now we will examine how to resolve this problem. If a driver has a problem with an invalid tag, they can try the following solutions:

  1. First and foremost, motorists should double-check that the EZ-Pass tag is securely fastened behind the interior rearview mirror in the windscreen. The toll system might not be able to read the tag if it is not at this spot or if it is not mounted properly.
  2. Additionally, motorists should inspect their EZ-Pass tag for any obvious signs of damage, such as fractures or water damage. Damage to the tag could necessitate replacement before it can be used again.
  3. Drivers should double-check their accounts to make sure their EZ-Pass tags have been registered and are active if they have been properly installed. Drivers can verify the status of their EZ-Pass accounts by visiting the website or calling customer care.
  4. If the driver’s account is registered and activated but they are still experiencing problems with their tags not working, they should check for any remaining issues. The account may have been cancelled or suspended due to unpaid tolls or fines. If drivers encounter these problems, they cannot utilise their EZ-Pass tag.


In Maryland, EZ-Pass users frequently experience problems with an invalid tag. One or more of a number of problems, such as an unregistered or deactivated tag or a suspended or terminated account, could be to blame. Drivers can cure an invalid tag problem by checking their tag, identifying any unresolved issues, and taking corrective action. If drivers in Maryland follow these instructions, they can test the functionality of their EZ-Pass tag and keep using it on the state’s toll roadways.

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