Top 7 Best E-ZPass Transponder Holders

If you often use the toll lanes and have an E-Z Pass transponder, you must keep it displayed on your windscreen at all times. Mounting strips are the standard method for keeping an E-Z Pass tag in a car. Mounting strips are included with your first E-Z Pass.

However, mounting strips are difficult if, for example, you frequently switch your E-Z Pass between vehicles. Perhaps being an E-Z Pass holder is the best choice for you in this scenario.

The following are some suggestions for people who would make good E-Z Pass holders if you’re having trouble finding one.

USCAN E-Z Pass Holder

The first possibility is a USCAN E-Z Pass holder. Black, white, and clear are the three available options. Then, if you don’t want to leave your E-Z Pass sticker on your windscreen permanently, you may easily transfer it to whichever automobile you happen to be using at the time.

With the suction cups, you never have to worry about where to put your tag. In addition, no permanent sticky strips are employed, thus the holder can be removed without any hassle.

By Allison, a Black Toll Pass Holder

If you need to use your E-Z Pass for many vehicles on a frequent basis, Allison’s Toll Pass Holder is another reliable solution. It may be transferred from one vehicle to another with little effort thanks to its three suction cups, much like the previous version.

Theft is a common reason why people lose their E-Z Pass tag, especially if their transponder is visible from the outside. Using one of these toll pass holders will allow you to avoid being in that position.

ARKON BT010 E-Z Pass Windshield Suction Mount

This is an unusual choice for a mount. It is compatible with a wide variety of devices, including E-Z Pass tags, Bluetooth GPS devices, and even radar detectors. Devices can remain securely mounted to the windscreen at all times. However, it is limited to indoor applications only.

This suction mount also enables you to easily switch it from one vehicle to another on a regular basis, like the prior choice. It comes with a 2-year guarantee if you decide to buy it.

Holder for both new and old E-Z Pass transponders

The toll holder has two suction cups to ensure that your transponder is always secured to the windscreen. It only comes in white, but works perfectly with both vintage and modern transponder models.

Electronic toll tag holder with E-Z Pass clip

The functionality of this upgrade is transferable to other automobiles. This toll holder may be attached to your windscreen without the use of adhesive strips and taken off easily when needed. Both black and white versions are available.

Allison – Owner of a Clear Toll Pass

Another identical offering from the same manufacturer. It’s the same tech that helps your transponder stay in the right spot when you drive.

Panon Products – Rubber E-Z Pass Holder

This is not a typical choice. Aside from concealing your transponder, its major use is as a sturdy holder. Given that these gadgets are white, they may stand out too much inside your vehicle, and you may find it difficult to keep them in the right spot without giving off the wrong impression. It is compatible with transponders like PaybyPlatema E-Z Pass and I-Pass.

It relies on Velcro strips to stay attached to your vehicle, making it less than ideal if you frequently transfer vehicles. In contrast, it’s a great option for individuals with a single car.

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