NJ E-ZPass $50 administrative fee 2023

New Jersey’s E-ZPass system will begin charging a $50 administrative fee on January 1, 2023, for certain infractions. Any E-ZPass user who violates the terms and regulations of the E-ZPass system will be subject to a fee in addition to any toll penalties or other costs they may accrue.

Why is there an administrative fee of $50?

The $50 administration cost is meant to deter E-ZPass holders from neglecting their accounts and racking up toll infractions. The charge is imposed as a disincentive for people who might otherwise choose to avoid paying their tolls or who have allowed their accounts to go delinquent.

The purpose of this fee is to discourage toll evasion and improve the efficiency of the NJ E-ZPass system. All E-ZPass drivers will benefit from this as shorter lines and smoother traffic flow at toll plazas.

What kinds of violations will result in the $50 administrative fee?

Any infraction of the E-ZPass terms that is considered “toll evasion” will incur the $50 administrative cost. Failure to pay a toll, using an E-ZPass account that has been suspended or terminated, or using a transponder that has been reported lost or stolen all fall under this category.

Every infraction that results from the use of an E-ZPass account that is not in good standing will incur the same cost. That includes things like not paying tolls and other fees on time or keeping a positive balance on the account.

The $50 administrative fee will be applied in what way?

In addition to any toll penalties or other charges that may be levied for violating the E-ZPass terms and conditions, a $50 administrative fee will be added. A toll violation will cost you $20, with an additional $50 in administrative fees.

Multiple violations of the E-ZPass terms and conditions may result in multiple $50 administrative fees being applied to your account.

How can you avoid having to pay the $50 fee?

If you want to avoid paying a $50 administrative fee, you should keep your E-ZPass account active and not break any of the rules of the E-ZPass system. In order to accomplish this, you can:

Maintain a positive balance in your PaybyPlatema E-ZPass account and always pay your tolls and other costs on time. Your account’s continued viability and good standing depends on this.

Do not attempt to evade paying tolls or make use of a deactivated or suspended E-ZPass account. You can avoid the $50 administrative fee and potential further fines by doing this.

Theft/Lost Report Please contact the NJ E-ZPass customer support department immediately if you lose or have your transponders stolen. You won’t have to worry about any toll violations or fines accruing to your account because of fraudulent use.

In keeping with E-ZPass policy: Please use your E-ZPass transponder properly and promptly pay all tolls and other costs in accordance with the system’s guidelines.

What will happen if the $50 administrative charge is not paid?

The NJ E-ZPass system may take further steps to collect the debt if you do not pay the $50 administration fee and any other toll penalties or charges you have accrued. Your E-ZPass account could be temporarily or permanently terminated, and legal action could be taken.

You will no longer be able to utilise the E-ZPass system to pay tolls if your account is suspended or deleted. Paying the tolls with cash is an inconvenience that may cause you to wait longer at the toll booths.

Furthermore, the NJ E-ZPass system may report the debt to credit bureaus if the $50 administration fee and/or other toll fines or charges are not paid. This could lower your credit score, making it harder to qualify for and use loans and credit cards.

Is the $50 fee for running the business fair?

There has been some controversy over the $50 administration fee. There are many who feel it is too steep and unfairly punishes E-ZPass holders who may have momentarily lost their faculties.

On the other hand, it’s important to keep in mind that the E-ZPass system is a quick and easy approach to cover tolls. Users are encouraged to avoid toll infractions and keep their accounts in good standing by the $50 administrative fee. If you pay your tolls and charges on time and in accordance with the E-ZPass guidelines, you won’t have to pay the administrative cost and can continue using your E-ZPass.


On January 1, 2023, New Jersey E-ZPass infractions will incur a $50 processing fee. Keep your E-ZPass account in good standing, don’t evade tolls, report lost or stolen transponders, and do what’s required to avoid this price and any other toll fines or charges. Following these steps will ensure that you are not charged any additional costs for using the E-ZPass system.

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