How to test the E-ZPass transponder?

An E-ZPass transponder can be checked in a number different ways:

  1. Drive through an E-ZPass lane at a toll road to verify that your transponder is correctly detecting tolls and debiting them from your account.
  2. See what you can see about your finances on the web: Your E-ZPass account balance and transaction history can be viewed online at most participating agencies. If your transponder is connecting with the E-ZPass system, you can verify its functionality in this way.
  3. Some E-ZPass offices feature diagnostic equipment that can verify the transponder’s operation. Stores that sell E-ZPass devices are frequently located in their customer service centres.
  4. The E-ZPass organisation can be reached at: Contact the E-ZPass organisation that supplied your transponder if you have any questions or concerns about its functionality. If you’re having problems, they may be able to help you figure them out and give you pointers.

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