How to remove E-ZPass Velcro from the windshield?

The removal of an E-ZPass toll transponder stuck to your windscreen using Velcro can be a pain. Perhaps you’ve decided to switch payment methods or relocate to a new state. For whatever reason, if your E-ZPass Velcro has been stuck on your windscreen for a while, removing it can be a hassle.

No need to panic, though; it’s not completely impossible. Removing the E-ZPass Velcro from your windscreen may be done quickly and easily with the appropriate equipment and methods. Follow this detailed instruction to learn how to complete the task successfully.

Step 1: Collect the necessary tools

Make sure you have the following items before attempting to remove the E-ZPass Velcro:

  • An instrument with a flat head for driving screws
  • Tool consisting of pliers
  • Equipment like a blow dryer or a curling iron
  • One made of microfibre

Step 2: warm up the Velcro

Heat can be used to detach the E-ZPass Velcro. The adhesive will weaken from the heat, allowing for easy removal. In order to achieve this, you should use a hair dryer or heat gun and hold it away from the Velcro for two minutes (approximately six inches). Spread the heat around by moving the drier or heat gun back and forth across the area.

Step 3: Use a flathead screwdriver to take off the Velcro

To get rid of the Velcro, you need to heat it first. Gently pry up one side of the Velcro with a flathead screwdriver. If you push too hard, you could crack the windscreen. Lift the Velcro from the windscreen by working your way around its edges.

Step 4: Eliminate any last adhesive

Some glue may remain on the windscreen after Velcro has been removed. Gentle pulling with pliers should remove any obvious bits. Any stubborn dust or debris can be carefully wiped away using a microfiber cloth.

Step 5: Clean the windshield

If there is any dirt or debris on the windscreen after you’ve taken off the Velcro and glue, you should clean it well. It can be cleaned with a solution of water and mild soap, and then the area can be dried with a microfiber towel.

Advice on how to remove E-ZPass Velcro

If you’re having trouble peeling off the E-ZPass Velcro, try these tricks:

  • If the Velcro is stuck, don’t use a knife or other sharp tool to get it off. This is dangerous because it can crack the glass and make driving difficult.
  • Use a stronger adhesive remover if the Velcro is permanently affixed to the windscreen. Check a tiny area first to be sure it won’t harm the windscreen, as directed on the label.
  • Try removing the Velcro from the windscreen with a suction cup if that fails. These are stocked in any good auto parts store.
  • The Velcro may be more difficult to remove from the windscreen if it has been there for an extended period of time. Some adhesives can only be removed using a combination of heat and adhesive remover.

Velcro alternatives for securing E-ZPass transponders

There are alternatives to Velcro for securing your E-ZPass transponder to your windscreen if you’re tired of the inconvenience. Some alternates are as follows:

  • Some E-ZPass transponders have adhesive attachments that stick to your windscreen rather than using Velcro. These mounts are made to be easily detached without leaving any sticky residue, making it convenient to travel from vehicle to vehicle or from one form of payment to another.
  • An alternative to adhesive mounting is a suction cup mount, which adheres the transponder to the windscreen with the use of a strong suction cup. These mounts are sticky-free, require no tools for installation, and are simple to remove.
  • Instead of affixing your transponder to the windscreen, you can utilise a dashboard mount. These holders are made to securely fasten the transponder to the dashboard, where it can be easily viewed and reached.
  • Some states provide plate-mounted transponders, which are designed to be affixed to the front of a vehicle’s licence plate. When compared to other transponders, these don’t require any special tools for installation and may be placed without the use of glues or Velcro.


If you have the necessary equipment and know-how, removing the PaybyPlatema E-ZPass Velcro from your windscreen isn’t too difficult. If you carefully follow the techniques indicated above and have some patience, you can get the Velcro off your windscreen without damaging it. There are a variety of ways besides Velcro to attach your E-ZPass transponder, so you can find one that’s convenient for you.

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