How to mount E-ZPass to tesla models?

As a Tesla Model owner, you’ve probably experienced the ease of utilising an EZ-Pass to pay tolls. Maybe you own a Tesla Model S and have wondered if and how to instal an EZ-Pass. It’s all right. Your bases are covered by us! Here, we’ll walk you through the process of attaching an EZ-Pass to a Tesla model and offer some helpful hints along the way.

Step 1: Pick the right place to mount it

If you own a Tesla Model, the first step in installing an EZ-Pass is picking the best spot to do so. Choose a location that is convenient yet won’t get in the way while you’re driving. The dashboard, the sun visor, and the windscreen are all common locations.

Make sure your EZ-Pass dashboard mount doesn’t interfere with your ability to see the road. If it doesn’t get in the way, a sun visor is another viable solution. If you decide to instal the EZ-Pass on the front windscreen, make sure you do so in a location that will not be wiped away.

Step 2: Get the things you’ll need

To begin mounting, you must first collect the required items. A holder for the EZ-Pass, a mounting bracket, and some sticky strips or double-sided tape will be required. A ruler or measuring tape may also come in handy to ensure perfect positioning.

Step 3: Clean the surface where it will go

It is recommended that the mounting surface be cleaned before the EZ-Pass holder or mounting bracket is attached. As a result, the EZ-Pass is more likely to remain securely attached to the surface. Remove any dust or debris from the wall or ceiling where you plan to instal the EZ-Pass using a clean, dry cloth or a mild cleaning solution.

Step 4: Assemble the mounting holder or bracket

After the surface to which you will be mounting has been well cleaned and dried, you can proceed with installing the mounting bracket or holder. In order to get the most out of your bracket or holder, it’s best to stick to the guidelines included with your specific model.

There may be a need for screws or bolts to secure a mounting bracket to its intended surface. Mounting devices such as holders require adhesive strips or double-sided tape to be applied to the back of the holder before it can be pressed onto the mounting surface. Verify that the holder or bracket is properly fastened before continuing.

Step 5: Put the EZ-Pass in the bracket or holder

It is time to insert the EZ-Pass once the holder or bracket has been firmly fastened to the mounting surface. Simply insert the EZ-Pass into the designated slot and tighten the screw or clip to secure it.

Step 6: Give the EZ-Pass a try

You should check the functionality of your EZ-Pass before setting out on the road. You can test if your EZ-Pass is accepted and the toll is deducted from your account by passing through a toll booth. If everything is functioning as it should, then you are good to go!

Hints and Techniques:

  • Make sure the EZ-Pass stays in place by securely fastening any mounting bracket you may be using.
  • Adhesive strips and double-sided tape require careful application per manufacturer’s guidelines. Before you may insert your EZ-Pass into its holder or bracket, the adhesive might need some time to set.
  • It may be necessary to try a different mounting surface in order to successfully instal the EZ-Pass holder or bracket. Adhesive strips and double-sided tape may not work on all surfaces, therefore it may be essential to move the item to a different spot to see if it will stick.
  • Remove any dirt or dust from the mounting surface and let it dry completely before attaching the holder using adhesive strips or double-sided tape. If there is any dirt or debris on the surface, the glue will not work.
  • Remember to mount the EZ-Pass upright if you’re using a bracket. Since the EZ-Pass communicates with the tollbooth machine via its antenna, it must be stored with the protruding end facing the outside.
  • If your EZ-Pass isn’t being read at toll booths, check to see if anything is blocking the antenna. Covering or blocking the antenna could prevent the EZ-Pass from communicating with the tollbooth system.
  • If your EZ-Pass is malfunctioning, you can get help from the company’s customer support department. If your EZ-Pass isn’t functioning properly, they can assist you troubleshoot the problem and implement a remedy.


The EZ-Pass is a quick and easy solution to avoid having to carry cash while travelling through toll booths in your Tesla Model. You may quickly attach your PaybyPlatema EZ-Pass to your Tesla Model and begin using it to pay tolls by following the instructions explained in this post and applying a few techniques. Don’t let the thought of mounting your EZ-Pass prevent you from taking advantage of its many benefits; with a little time and work, you can have your EZ-Pass up and running and using it to pay tolls on your Tesla Model in no time at all.

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