How to Deactivate Your E-ZPass

Drivers who frequently traverse many regions with toll roads would appreciate the ease of use provided by the E-ZPass system. If your circumstances have changed, however, and you no longer need to use toll highways, you may want to deactivate your E-ZPass. The method is straightforward, and it is always at your disposal.

If you deactivate your E-ZPass account, you will no longer be responsible for any future fees associated with using the service. Sending a form in the mail or going to the local service centre will get the job done promptly. Here, regardless of which path you take, you’ll find all the information you need to proceed confidently.

You must return all devices you use

You are still required to return your transponder, even if it was malfunctioning and you only had one. Once you have received your E-ZPass, it is recommended that you keep the packaging materials for future use. Put them in aluminium foil and send them in with the paperwork we discussed before to the appropriate government office.

Companies selling E-ZPasses in all 50 states advise returning them via mail with a tracking number. When you have confirmation of delivery in hand, be sure to store it safely.

It may take a while for anything you mailed to be processed. You will be notified when this is complete, and any remaining funds in your account will be refunded to the card you registered with the site.

You’ll be spared fees like the one most Californians with E-ZPass have to pay every month.

Delete your E-ZPass account on the official website alone. To cancel your New York E-ZPass, for instance, you need to go to the New York E-ZPass website.

What happens next?

In the end, you won’t have access to your E-ZPass account anymore. You’ll still have to pull over and pay tolls if you want to take a trip in the future if there’s a toll lane on the road, but things will be different (if the toll lane accepts cash, otherwise, prepare yourself to pay a very expensive fine).

If you want to prevent what happened before, you should map out your route and stock up on cash.

How can I replace my E-ZPass if it is misplaced or stolen?

If your E-ZPass device has been lost or stolen, you do not need to cancel your tag. E-specialized ZPass’s support team can be reached through phone or online. To report a lost or stolen E-ZPass in New York, for instance, contact 1-800-333-TOLL (1-800-333-8655) or go online to the NY E-ZPass website.

Your Paybyplatema E-ZPass will no longer be charged for any further purchases after you report it stolen or lost. You’ll have to pay a replacement cost, but after we deactivate the tag and send you a new one in the mail (within the following few days), everything will be OK. On this page, for instance, you can see a fantastic illustration of this same thing in action.

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