How much is the Midtown Tunnel toll with E-ZPass?

The E-ZPass system is well recognised as a leading way of collecting tolls across the country. You’ll find it installed in a variety of lanes, bridges, and tunnels with the goal of making driving easier and more pleasant.

Seventeen states currently support the E-ZPass system. When it comes to the number of bridges per state, New York is up there. The Queens Midtown Tunnel is one of the busiest and accepts E-Zpass.

How much does it cost to use the Midtown Tunnel?

A trip via the Queens Midtown Tunnel will set you back $6.12. However, there is a $9.50 fee for mail delivery of tolls.

New York’s E-ZPass tolls are quite inexpensive compared to other cities. Those who do not have E-ZPass but must use the Queens Midtown Tunnel can find instructions for doing so here.

How Can New Yorkers Get E-ZPass?

The first step in utilising E-ZPass in New York is signing up for an account. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused intermittent service outages.

For this reason, you can ask for your transponder as soon as you sign up for an account. If you want to do this over the phone, you can reach the customer care department at 1-800-697-1554.

Your tag can be mailed to you, but if you can’t wait, you can get one at any toll plaza where NYSBA employees are stationed. Your price for a tag is $25.0.

E-ZPass costs in New York

A wide variety of savings programmes and schemes are accessible to locals. One of the states where E-ZPass tolls are cheaper is New York, which is a huge perk for drivers in the Empire State.

However, this is not the case for tourists, who must continue to pay steep fees. Bear in mind that the benefits of having an PaybyPlatema E-ZPass account are universal, regardless of where you choose to open your account.

The typical price for New York state residents is $6.12. Anyone using a transponder that isn’t registered in New York will be charged $9.50 at the toll booth.

You can still choose from a variety of programmes and discounts. You may read a quick summary of a few of them down below.

Acquiring an E-ZPass plan can help you save money on tolls. These are just a few of the many options you have in New York City.

Deals and Plans for the NY E-ZPass

In New York, E-ZPass customers can choose from a variety of savings packages. Although some of them might only apply to permanent residents, most of them do. Then, let’s get to know them:

Plan options vary by residency status and international status. Don’t be concerned; most plans are accessible to everyone.

The universally applicable strategies are as follows:

Plan for the Thruway Annual Permit – You pay an annual fee, and the first thirty miles you drive will be covered by it. There are some exceptions, like the Castle-on-Hudson Bridge. 

Commuter Plans – Bridges, a topic we’ve finally reached. It could be the finest choice if you frequently cross bridges. The vast bulk of New York City is similarly affected.

For Each Trip

You can select a postpaid plan instead than the standard prepaid one.

Residents can choose from a single option. Anyone who can provide proof of residency in one of the following three areas is eligible for a Resident Plan:

The Three Boroughs of Staten Island, Rockaway, and Grand Island

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