How does E-ZPass work with a trailer?

Many U.S. toll highways, bridges, and tunnels accept E-ZPass, an electronic toll collecting system. It eliminates the need for drivers to pull over and pay tolls in cash or with a paper ticket. Instead, a tiny transponder is attached to the windscreen, and the driver’s account is charged the toll as soon as the car goes through the toll booth.

Although E-ZPass makes it easy and fast to pay tolls, towing a trailer can make the process more challenging. This article explores E-compatibility ZPass’s with trailers and the many pass-through methods accessible to towing motorists.

What Does E-ZPass Do?

In order for E-ZPass to function, radio frequency identification (RFID) technology is used. A transponder in the car receives a signal from an antenna installed on the toll booth as the vehicle goes through. The transponder will then give back a number that corresponds to the driver’s account.

The driver’s account is charged for the toll, and a receipt is delivered electronically or in the mail (depending on the agency). If the driver’s account balance is low, the toll booth should notify them to add money.

How do trailers and E-ZPass work together?

Make sure your PaybyPlatema E-ZPass transponder is set up correctly if you pull a trailer. This is due to the fact that hauling a trailer may incur a different toll fee than driving without one.

Trailer owners with an E-ZPass can choose from a few different options:

Option 1: Buy the trailer a separate transponder

Trailer-specific transponders are available from some toll agencies. The driver’s account can be connected to one of these transponders, which can then be attached to the trailer’s front bumper. The toll will be deducted from the account as soon as the trailer goes through the toll booth.

This choice has the benefit of appropriately charging the toll for the trailer. It does, however, call for a second transponder and may involve other costs.

Option 2: Make use of the towing vehicle’s transponder

There are situations in which the transponder of the towing vehicle can be used to cover the cost of the trailer’s toll. To do this, the transponder must be linked to the trailer’s registration.

This selection is preferable because it saves money by eliminating the need to buy a second transponder. On the other hand, it is not always reliable because the toll rate for the trailer may be different from that of the vehicle pulling it.

Option 3: Apply a transponder for a “trailer plate”

A “trailer plate” transponder, designed specifically for use in paying tolls for trailers, is available from several toll agencies. The transponder can be used to precisely charge the appropriate toll fee by linking it to the trailer’s licence plate number.

This alternative has the advantage of charging the correct toll amount for the trailer without necessitating the purchase of a separate transponder. This service, however, may not be accessible in all places and may have additional costs associated with it.

Use a “trailer pass,” in last choice

Trailer owners also have the option of using a “trailer pass.” Towing vehicles can now add their trailers to their E-ZPass accounts with the use of this specialised pass. It is common practise to affix a sticker or decal to the trailer’s registration plate to indicate that the trailer has a valid pass.

It’s a plus that this choice eliminates the need to buy a separate transponder for the trailer, since it may be linked to the account of the towing vehicle. This service, however, may not be accessible in all places and may have additional costs associated with it.


Tolls can be paid quickly and easily with an E-ZPass, but drivers who are also pulling a trailer may find the system more cumbersome than necessary. Trailer owners can choose from several alternative transponder solutions, including installing a dedicated trailer transponder, transferring the transponder from the towing vehicle, installing a “trailer plate” transponder, or installing a “trailer pass.” Contacting the appropriate local toll agency is a must for figuring out which course of action is ideal.

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