How can I get my tolls waived?

If you frequently use toll roads or bridges, the cost can mount up rapidly. Although there may be times when you are not required to pay a toll, there are techniques to increase the likelihood that this may be the case. Methods to avoid paying tolls are outlined below.

  1. In order to avoid receiving a violation notice, check for unpaid tolls.
    • If you forgot to pay a toll and now need to, do it as soon as possible. Before receiving a violation notice, you can often check for unpaid tolls through an online portal or phone line. This may prevent you from being subject to further fines and penalties.
  2. Request a toll reduction or waiver
    • You can ask for a toll waiver or reduction if you have a valid reason for not paying the toll. It is possible to have the toll waived if you were driving a rental car or someone else’s car and were unaware of the charge. A rental car contract or a letter from the vehicle’s owner are examples of documents that might be used to buttress your arguments.
  3. Object to a notice of violation
    • Depending on the toll road or bridge, you may be be able to enroll in a frequent-user programme that reduces or eliminates your tolls altogether. You’ll need a specific kind of toll transponder or account for these kinds of schemes, and you might have to do things like drive a set amount of times each month.
  4. Use an alternate toll road
    • Regular users of a toll road or bridge should think about finding an alternate route that does not need payment of tolls. Although this course of action may take more time, it could end up saving you a lot of cash.

Advice on how to avoid toll fees

Toll-free driving is possible with the help of these extra strategies.

  • You can save money by planning your trip in advance and staying off of toll roads and bridges. You can avoid tolls on many major highways by using one of the many online mapping or GPS services.
  • Make use of a toll estimator: The price of tolls on a specific journey can be roughly calculated using one of several available internet programmes. Taking into account the cost of toll roads and bridges in your trip budget is a huge benefit.
  • You can save money on tolls by carpooling if you and your companions are on the same route. Carpoolers can often get free or reduced tolls on bridges and tunnels.


However, there are ways to minimise or even avoid paying tolls. If you want to cut down on your PaybyPlatema travel costs, you should look into whether or not any tolls have gone unpaid, whether or not you are eligible for a toll waiver or adjustment, whether you want to appeal a violation notice, whether you want to join a frequent traveller programme, and whether or not you want to use an alternative to the toll road.

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