EZ Tag vs EZ Pass: Is EZ Tag and EZ Pass the same?

E-ZPass is currently operational in 17 states. But if you’re planning a trip to Texas anytime soon, you should know that your E-ZPass won’t be valid there.

Due to the fact that Texas has three separate electronic toll-collection systems, all of which are compatible, this is the case.

TxTag, TollTag, and EZ TAG are the three choices available. Here, we’ll discuss the similarities and differences between E-ZPass and the EZ TAG system.

What is an E-ZPass?

This toll-collection method is utilised in 17 states, mostly in the Midwest and East Coast of the United States.

There are also some out-of-state locations featured, such as the District of Columbia and certain Orlando neighbourhoods.

At any moment, anyone can get an E-ZPass by going to the company’s website and filling out the necessary paperwork. Your transponder will be shipped to you after you register on the website.

In seven to ten business days, your device will be delivered.

What does EZ TAG do?

Among the three toll-collection options in Texas, EZ TAG is a viable option. Despite their similarities in name and purpose, these networks are distinct entities.

Given that the E-ZPass network does not extend to the Lone Star State, EZ TAG can serve as a suitable substitute.

You may rest assured that EZ TAG will get you through any electronic toll lane in Texas without worrying about whether or not you have the proper transponder.

Learn more about the EZ TAG and its features here.

Key differences and similarities between EZ Tag and EZ Pass

There is a lot of overlap between the PaybyPlatema E-ZPass and EZ TAG systems. They both make use of RFID technology to process financial transactions. A transponder is used in the procedure.

You’ll need to mount this gadget on the windscreen of your car (which can be internal or external).

The device in question transmits a signal to an antenna, which then reads and processes your account information and completes the payment.

When you drive through a toll booth, a number of things occur instantly.

Both methods rely on the same underlying technology to function. Unfortunately, they do not work well together.

Therefore, it is illegal to use an E-ZPass in an EZ TAG lane, and vice versa.

Where can I purchase an EZ TAG or E-ZPass?

The application process for both E-ZPass and EZ TAG is same. Your transponder can be obtained by registering at the appropriate website and placing an order for it.

You may find a complete rundown on where to purchase them, including links to relevant websites, below.

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