EZ-Pass holder for Harley Davidson

Those that ride Harleys understand the thrill of being out in the open air. However, having to frequently stop and pay tolls can dampen the fun of a trip. This is where a Harley Davidson EZ-Pass holder comes in handy.

What does EZ-Pass mean?

Nearly all of the toll roads, bridges, and tunnels in the northeastern United States now accept EZ-Pass as payment. You just need to attach a small electronic transponder to your car, and it will communicate with sensors at toll booths to charge your account as soon as you drive through. This saves you time and effort because you won’t have to stop to get cash or fiddle with small bills and coins.

EZ-Pass for motorbikes

EZ-Pass may be used on motorbikes in addition to vehicles and trucks. Motorcycles have unique challenges when it comes to installing the transponder. This is where a Harley Davidson EZ-Pass holder comes in handy. These holders are made to fit firmly on your motorcycle and make it easy to utilise your EZ-Pass transponder while you’re on the road.

Different kinds of holders for Harley Davidson EZ-Passes

Multiple Harley Davidson EZ-Pass holders exist, each with their own set of advantages and drawbacks. You can choose from the following list of top choices:

  1. A transponder can be stored in a holder that clings to your motorcycle using an adhesive pad. Lightweight and simple to set up, these holders may not last as long as some other choices.
  2. One sort of holder is the magnetic holder, which keeps the transponder in place with the help of a powerful magnet. These holders last longer than adhesive holders and are easy to switch between motorcycles. Unfortunately, their effectiveness on motorcycles with metal gas tanks is questionable.
  3. The transponder can be stored safely in this sort of holder, which can be attached to your motorcycle via a hard case. Even though these holders are the most long-lasting and safest choice, they may be the heaviest and most challenging to set up.

Where to Purchase a Harley Davidson EZ-Pass Holder

Many motorcycle accessory stores and internet merchants sell EZ-Pass holders for Harley Davidson motorcycles. Common choices include:

  1. Motorcycle components and accessories, like EZ-Pass holders, can be found at J&P Cycles, an online shop. Many popular manufacturers are included here, including Kuryakyn, Show Chrome, and HogWorkz.
  2. Motorcycle parts and accessories, including EZ-Pass holders, may be found at the popular online store RevZilla. Products from Kuryakyn, Show Chrome, and R&G Racing are among those available.
  3. Shoppers looking for an EZ-Pass holder for their Harley Davidson may find a broad variety of solutions on Amazon, including popular brands like Kuryakyn, Show Chrome, and Cruising Comfort.

Advantages of Putting an EZ-Pass on a Harley-Davidson

Using an EZ-Pass holder on your Harley Davidson can help you out in a number of ways.

  1. Time-Saving: With an EZ-Pass holder, you can zip through toll booths without having to stop and pay cash or fumble with change. If you’re going on a lengthy trip, this can help you save a lot of time.
  2. For your convenience, an EZ-Pass holder keeps your transponder in one place and out of the way at all times, so you never have to take it out of your car or fumble with it to use it at a toll station.
  3. Cost-Effective: Depending on the toll highways you frequently drive on, using an EZ-Pass may actually save you money in the long term. Using an EZ-Pass can save you a lot of money over time at toll booths.
  4. Safe: An EZ-Pass holder prevents the transponder from falling off your motorcycle and becoming lost. A misplaced transponder can be replaced without the effort and expense this way.
  5. Simply attach the transponder to your motorcycle, insert it into the holder, and proceed through the toll booth as you normally would. You can check your account balance and add money to it online or using a mobile app, and the toll will be deducted instantly.

How to Install an EZ-Pass Holder for Harley Davidson

Most EZ-Pass holders for Harley Davidson motorcycles come with installation instructions that could not be simpler. The procedure can be summarised as follows:

  1. Location considerations for the EZ-Pass holder should be made in light of the holder’s size, as well as the rider’s and the bike’s preferences and the bike’s design. The handlebars, the fairing, and the licence plate bracket are all common additions. Think about the size of the holder, where the transponder sensor will be put, and if you have any other accessories installed on your motorcycle.
  2. Mount the holder: Follow the instructions provided by your EZ-Pass holder to mount it to your motorcycle. It is common practise to use screws, bolts, or adhesive pads to secure the holder to your motorcycle.
  3. Insert the transponder into its holder: Having fastened the holder to your motorcycle as instructed, insert the EZ-Pass transponder into the holder. Verify that the transponder is firmly seated in its holder.
  4. Put the transponder through its paces by driving through a toll booth or a test lane once it has been installed (if available). It’s your responsibility to check that the transponder is communicating with the sensors and adding the correct amount to your account.
  5. If you haven’t already, register your EZ-Pass transponder on the EZ-Pass website or mobile app. You can now fund your account, check your balance, and make any other necessary adjustments.


A Harley Davidson EZ-Pass holder is a practical and economical option for frequent toll road users. An EZ-Pass holder can avoid the inconvenience of toll booths and pay less for their travels thanks to reduced toll prices. There are a variety of PaybyPlatema EZ-Pass holders to choose from, and setting one up is simple in most cases. Getting an EZ-Pass holder for your Harley Davidson is a good idea if you’re weary of having to stop and pay tolls on every journey.

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