EZ Pass Customer Service Phone Number Details

For many drivers in the United States, the process of paying tolls is an unnecessary and frustrating extra step. This is why 17 states now provide the electronic toll collection option of EZ Pass. Given its usefulness in other contexts, it is gradually being extended to more of the world.

There is no denying the benefits of having an EZ Pass, and millions of people are already taking advantage of them. Shorter wait times at the toll booth and fewer obstacles are two apparent advantages.

Therefore, every driver can benefit from having an EZ Pass. Get in touch with EZ Pass customer support in your state for help getting the most out of this pass. You can find out which department issued your EZ Pass by looking at the tag. To begin, you can inquire as to the geographical scope of your pass’s validity.

EZ Pass Customer Service Number for all States

1Delaware888.EZPassDE (888.397.2773)
2Florida(407) 823-7277 or 1-800-353-7277
3Illinois800-UC-IPASS (800-824-7277)
4Indiana(574) 675-4010
5Kentucky(855) 748-5465
6Maine1-888-MTA-PASS (1-888-682-7277)
7Maryland1 – 888 – 321 – 6824
8Massachusetts(877) 627-7745
9New Hampshire(877)643-9727
10New Jersey1-888-AUTO-TOLL (1-888-288-6865)
11New York1-800-333-TOLL(8655)
12North Carolina(877) 7MY-PASS (877) 769-7277
15Rhode Island1-877-RI-EZPASS (1-877-743-9727)
17West Virginia1-800-206-6222

Those interested in obtaining an EZ Pass can do so either online or by visiting their local EZ Pass merchant. To apply, you can also get a copy of the form and fill it out offline. Get in touch with customer assistance if you have any questions during this setup procedure.

Your time and money on the commute can be saved with a functional EZ Pass. When you consider that these passes are valid in 17 states, you’ll find that you can see a lot while spending less money and saving time.

Numerous Thruways and other cashless toll facilities also have EZ Pass payment systems. In most cases, EZ Pass holders receive a savings of 5% at all Thruway toll booths. Contact EZ Pass at their toll-free number for information on their complete discount programme.

When it comes to paying for parking and other services, E-ZPass Plus is another excellent option. You must create a different account for each of these features. If you ask a customer support rep for advice on creating a customised plan, they will explain the many financial advantages. To find out what EZ Pass discounts are offered in your state, contact the relevant agency.

The white and purple EZ Pass brand signs indicate where EZ Passes can be used at toll booths. Follow these to find out where and how to make your payment. As the specifics of use EZ Passes may vary from facility to facility, it is recommended that you contact customer service in advance to inquire. Guidelines and specifics may vary depending on the state in which you reside.

Make sure your EZ Pass tag is in a clear and easily accessible position. The reader in the machine will process your payment. You may be subject to fines in accordance with state law if the pass has not been properly installed.

EZ Pass’s support team is here to answer any questions you may have. They want to hear from you if there are any issues with payments, receipts, or accounts that are past due. If your Paybyplatema EZ Pass has been lost or stolen and isn’t working, you can file a complaint.

A representative will walk you through the necessary procedures for activation, cancellation, or registration of a new car.

Though information on EZ Passes can be found on the website, you may still require some assistance. That’s why the EZ Pass phone number is always open: to answer your questions and address your issues.

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