E-ZPass Unused Trips Fee: What It Is and How to Avoid It

Anyone who frequently uses electronic toll highways and bridges has probably heard of E-ZPass. Many U.S. toll highways, bridges, and tunnels use this electronic toll collection system, including those in New York, New Jersey, Illinois, and Pennsylvania, among others. Even though E-ZPass is a fast and easy way to pay tolls, it may come with hidden costs if you aren’t diligent. The cost for E-ZPass journeys not used is one example.

What is the fee for E-ZPass trips not used?

When you have a remaining number of travels on your E-ZPass, you will be charged the E-ZPass unused trips cost. If you purchase a set number of trips in advance but don’t utilise them all before they expire, you will be charged for the ones you didn’t take.

The unused portion of your E-ZPass trip cost is determined by the organisation that manages the toll road or bridge where you utilised it. New York City charges $1 per month for every 10 unused trips, while New Jersey charges $1 per month for every 5 unused journeys.

How to stay away from the E-ZPass Fee for Unused Trips?

In order to avoid the E-ZPass unused trips cost, you can:

  1. Just pay as you go. Paying for your tolls as you go rather than purchasing a predetermined number of journeys in advance is one approach to avoid the unused trip fee. This manner, you can avoid paying a fee for any unused travels.
  2. If you have any unused vacation days, use them up. Consider making an attempt to use any remaining E-ZPass journeys before they expire. One approach to accomplish this goal is to increase the percentage of time spent on toll roads in your weekly commute.
  3. Keep a tally of any vacation days you don’t use. In order to make sure that your E-ZPass journeys don’t go to waste, it’s important to keep track of how many you have left. There are two ways to do this: either visit the E-ZPass website or call the E-ZPass support line.
  4. E-ZPass Flex is an option you should look into. Toll road users in the greater Washington, DC region should think about making the move to E-ZPass Flex if they travel this route frequently. This account gives you the flexibility to either pay as you go for tolls or prepay for a certain number of trips. If you can’t predict how many trips you’ll take in the future, this can assist you avoid having to pay the unused trip cost.
  5. Look into when your unused travels will expire. Unused travels have a validity period that must be respected. The E-ZPass website or customer service can be consulted for this type of data. If you are aware of when your travels expire, you can make plans to use them up before they run out and you incur a penalty.


If you have a remaining amount of unused trips on your E-ZPass and they do not get used before they expire, you will be charged the PaybyPlatema E-ZPass unused trips price. You can prevent this aggravating price by, among other things, paying for tolls as you go, using up your unused trips, keeping track of your unused journeys, converting to an E-ZPass Flex account, and verifying the expiration date of your unused trips. Avoid the inconvenience and expense of the E-ZPass unused trips fee by following these procedures.

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