Does E-ZPass work on the Sanibel causeway?

The Sanibel causeway connects the mainland of Florida to the island of Sanibel and provides visitors with stunning views of the Gulf of Mexico. The convenience of electronic toll payment methods like E-ZPass may influence your decision regarding whether or not to take a trip across the causeway. In this piece, we’ll look into whether or not E-ZPass is recognised on the Sanibel causeway, as well as other toll payment methods.

Does the Sanibel Causeway accept E-ZPass?

Connecting the mainland of Fort Myers, Florida, to the island of Sanibel is the Sanibel causeway, a toll road. Lee County, which owns and manages the toll road, is known as Lee Way. While the Sanibel causeway does not support E-ZPass, drivers can still make electronic toll payments utilising Lee Way.

Identical to E-ZPass in concept is Lee Way, an electronic toll collecting system. Simply by affixing a transponder to the inside of the car’s windscreen, motorists can avoid having to physically carry cash around to pay tolls. The transponder will automatically charge the driver’s Lee Way account for the toll after exchanging data with sensors at the toll plaza.

Drivers on the Sanibel causeway will need to sign up for a Lee Way account and buy a transponder in order to use Lee Way. The transponder can be purchased online or at a Lee Way customer service center in Fort Myers or Sanibel. Transponder activation costs $25, and drivers must keep at least $10 in their Lee Way account at all times.

Other Sanibel Causeway Toll Payment Options

Tolls on the Sanibel causeway can be paid in a number of other ways besides Lee Way.

  1. You can still pay your tolls in cash at the toll booth. Toll booth personnel do not give change, so be sure you have the exact amount.
  2. Tolls can also be paid for at the toll plaza using a credit card. Tolls paid with a credit card have a $1.50 surcharge, so keep that in mind.
  3. In addition to E-ZPass, the SunPass is also a valid electronic toll collecting option on the Sanibel causeway. As well as in Florida, it is spoken in some regions of North Carolina, Georgia, and Puerto Rico. Opening a SunPass account and purchasing a transponder are prerequisites for using SunPass on the Sanibel causeway. The transponder is available for purchase through SunPass retailers including select CVS and Walgreens, as well as online.
  4. If you don’t have a transponder or would rather not use one to pay your Sanibel causeway tolls, you can still do so by using the TOLL-BY-PLATE system. A camera may record your licence plate as you drive past the toll booth, making the process more convenient for everyone involved. Within 30 days, the registered owner of the vehicle will receive a check in the amount of the toll plus a $2.50 processing fee.

Please be aware that if you select TOLL-BY-PLATE as your method of payment, you may wind up paying more for your tolls than if you had selected another method. This is due to the fact that the TOLL-BY-PLATE method has a higher rate than the normal toll method.


The Sanibel causeway does not take PaybyPlatema E-ZPass, however vehicles can utilise a variety of other electronic toll payment methods, such as Lee Way, SunPass, or TOLL-BY-PLATE. There are costs and requirements associated with each of these choices; weigh these factors to determine which one best suits your situation. In order to cross the Sanibel causeway, you will need to pay a toll.

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