How to test the E-ZPass transponder?

An E-ZPass transponder can be checked in a number different ways:

  1. Drive through an E-ZPass lane at a toll road to verify that your transponder is correctly detecting tolls and debiting them from your account.
  2. See what you can see about your finances on the web: Your E-ZPass account balance and transaction history can be viewed online at most participating agencies. If your transponder is connecting with the E-ZPass system, you can verify its functionality in this way.
  3. Some E-ZPass offices feature diagnostic equipment that can verify the transponder’s operation. Stores that sell E-ZPass devices are frequently located in their customer service centres.
  4. The E-ZPass organisation can be reached at: Contact the E-ZPass organisation that supplied your transponder if you have any questions or concerns about its functionality. If you’re having problems, they may be able to help you figure them out and give you pointers.

Is there a monthly fee for E-ZPass NY?

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey will bill you $1 a month to use your E-ZPass tag.

Which toll pass is the most widely used?

The United States does not have a unified toll system. In the United States, you can choose between 20 different tolling brands. You could need more than one toll pass to make a cross-country trip.

Paying tolls when leaving NYC?

Tolls are only required on the New York side of the bridges and tunnels connecting the two states. There is no fee to cross into New Jersey. You just have to pay the toll one way if you enter Manhattan through the Holland or Lincoln Tunnels.

What does a NJ E-ZPass cost?

The New Jersey E-ZPass system costs $18 per year and $1 per month. New clients are required to put down a $10 deposit if they plan to use cash or a cheque to restock. A specific sum must always be present in the account.

What happens in New Jersey if you don’t pay the toll?

Whenever I’m in New Jersey, I never have to worry about paying a toll. If payment is overdue, you will get a bill in the mail. If you still haven’t paid, you’ll get a second notification.

What happens in New York if you don’t pay the tolls?

What happens if I don’t pay the toll? After 30–40 days, you will get a bill in the mail if you do not have E-ZPass. You can make the payment within 30 days. If you don’t pay your second bill within 30 days, a late fee will be added.

What does a Va E-ZPass cost?

A monthly E-Z Pass fee of $0.50 in Virginia is added on top of the initial $35 purchase price. Virginia residents can take advantage of E-Z Pass savings.

What does the toll from NJ to NY cost?

The peak-hour E-ZPass toll for vehicles going through the Holland Tunnel is $13.75. The toll for a 5-axle truck going through the Holland Tunnel is $82.50 to $92.00 with the same tag.

Does NJ E-ZPass operate outside of the state?

It is valid wherever E-ZPass is recognised. Use E-ZPass NJ Toll to determine how much you will pay in tolls in New Jersey and the rest of the United States.

Which states recognise the NJ E-ZPass?

Seventeen states (Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia, and West Virginia) accept E-ZPass.

Where in the US can I use my E-ZPass?

Previously only available in North Carolina and Maine, E-ZPass is now valid throughout the entire state of Florida. If your transponder is one of those made by the E-ZPass Group, you can use it as a toll pass.

Can you use an E-ZPass in California?

In the Golden State, E-ZPass is now useless. A transponder or an internet payment will be required if you are just passing through the state.

What happens in California if you don’t pay the toll?

Toll plus $25 penalty for late notice. A $25 late fee and a $45 penalty were included in the second notice. If the toll is paid within 15 days, a lesser fine will apply.

Does NJ E-ZPass make sense?

In addition to the normal discount, the E-ZPass NJ’s discount programmes can save you even more money on toll roads, bridges, and tunnels in New Jersey.

How much does an E-ZPass cost in New Jersey each month?

The New Jersey E-ZPass system costs $18 per year and $1 per month. New clients are required to put down a $10 deposit if they plan to use cash or a cheque to restock.

Is New Jersey’s E-ZPass tax deductible?

If you or a member of your household uses an E-ZPass to drive on a toll road in this State, you may be eligible for a yearly deduction of up to $1,000.

Do New York tolls apply to veterans?

The state of New York is proud to offer free access to its highways to injured veterans.

What occurs if Virginia tolls are not paid?

Failure to pay the toll may result in a mailed violation notice. The violation notification will include payment information and instructions.

Does Delaware E-ZPass cost money every month?

A minimum deposit of $10 is required, with a minimum replenishment of $2.50 (equal to 25% of the account’s three-month average balance). There is a deposit and a cost for each transponder added to an account in Delaware’s E-ZPass system. Required minimum deposit.

What occurs if a Delaware toll is not paid?

If the bill is not paid on time, it will be raised to a toll violation. Three separate fees totaling $45 will be assessed: $25 for administration, $10 for the Ambulance Company Fund, and $15 for the War on Crime.

In New Jersey, can you use someone else’s E-ZPass?

Each car you own needs to be recorded in your profile. Tags can be transferred between cars of the same class if they are all linked to the same account. Each automobile can be issued its own tag. You’re allowed up to six tags total per profile.

If you reside in NJ, can you obtain a NY E-ZPass?

Tags issued outside of New York will be charged the out-of-state E-ZPass rate. The standard Toll by Mail fee will be applied to all video transactions. In New York, anyone can sign up for an E-ZPass.

I live in another state. Can I still get a New York E-ZPass?

EZPasses are often purchased in the buyer’s home state. People in your state are not required to purchase an PaybyPlatema EZPass, contrary to popular belief. There are varying prices for the same equipment in different states, and you should be aware of that.

What’s wrong with my E-ZPass?

It’s recommended that you swap the battery out at an E-ZPass location. This device had a weak battery.

Has SC got an E-ZPass?

The Palmetto Pass is required for entry. You cannot use an E-ZPass here.

In South Carolina, what kind of toll pass is used?

Palmetto Pass is an electronic system used to collect tolls on all South Carolina toll roads.

How do I pay my SC tolls?

A Palmetto Pass tag can be used to bypass the toll booth. In South Carolina, you can pay with cash at either toll plaza. In South Carolina, there are no toll roads that accept video toll payment systems like Pay-by-Plate.

Will my E-ZPass work in North Carolina?

Yes. Toll roads in North Carolina accept E-ZPass, SunPass, and Peach Pass transponders. These transponders provide access to the lowest toll charge on all North Carolina toll roads.

If you don’t pay a toll in South Carolina, what will happen?

If your pledge isn’t settled within 30 days, you’ll be charged a toll.

Top 7 Best E-ZPass Transponder Holders

If you often use the toll lanes and have an E-Z Pass transponder, you must keep it displayed on your windscreen at all times. Mounting strips are the standard method for keeping an E-Z Pass tag in a car. Mounting strips are included with your first E-Z Pass.

However, mounting strips are difficult if, for example, you frequently switch your E-Z Pass between vehicles. Perhaps being an E-Z Pass holder is the best choice for you in this scenario.

The following are some suggestions for people who would make good E-Z Pass holders if you’re having trouble finding one.

USCAN E-Z Pass Holder

The first possibility is a USCAN E-Z Pass holder. Black, white, and clear are the three available options. Then, if you don’t want to leave your E-Z Pass sticker on your windscreen permanently, you may easily transfer it to whichever automobile you happen to be using at the time.

With the suction cups, you never have to worry about where to put your tag. In addition, no permanent sticky strips are employed, thus the holder can be removed without any hassle.

By Allison, a Black Toll Pass Holder

If you need to use your E-Z Pass for many vehicles on a frequent basis, Allison’s Toll Pass Holder is another reliable solution. It may be transferred from one vehicle to another with little effort thanks to its three suction cups, much like the previous version.

Theft is a common reason why people lose their E-Z Pass tag, especially if their transponder is visible from the outside. Using one of these toll pass holders will allow you to avoid being in that position.

ARKON BT010 E-Z Pass Windshield Suction Mount

This is an unusual choice for a mount. It is compatible with a wide variety of devices, including E-Z Pass tags, Bluetooth GPS devices, and even radar detectors. Devices can remain securely mounted to the windscreen at all times. However, it is limited to indoor applications only.

This suction mount also enables you to easily switch it from one vehicle to another on a regular basis, like the prior choice. It comes with a 2-year guarantee if you decide to buy it.

Holder for both new and old E-Z Pass transponders

The toll holder has two suction cups to ensure that your transponder is always secured to the windscreen. It only comes in white, but works perfectly with both vintage and modern transponder models.

Electronic toll tag holder with E-Z Pass clip

The functionality of this upgrade is transferable to other automobiles. This toll holder may be attached to your windscreen without the use of adhesive strips and taken off easily when needed. Both black and white versions are available.

Allison – Owner of a Clear Toll Pass

Another identical offering from the same manufacturer. It’s the same tech that helps your transponder stay in the right spot when you drive.

Panon Products – Rubber E-Z Pass Holder

This is not a typical choice. Aside from concealing your transponder, its major use is as a sturdy holder. Given that these gadgets are white, they may stand out too much inside your vehicle, and you may find it difficult to keep them in the right spot without giving off the wrong impression. It is compatible with transponders like PaybyPlatema E-Z Pass and I-Pass.

It relies on Velcro strips to stay attached to your vehicle, making it less than ideal if you frequently transfer vehicles. In contrast, it’s a great option for individuals with a single car.

How much is the Midtown Tunnel toll with E-ZPass?

The E-ZPass system is well recognised as a leading way of collecting tolls across the country. You’ll find it installed in a variety of lanes, bridges, and tunnels with the goal of making driving easier and more pleasant.

Seventeen states currently support the E-ZPass system. When it comes to the number of bridges per state, New York is up there. The Queens Midtown Tunnel is one of the busiest and accepts E-Zpass.

How much does it cost to use the Midtown Tunnel?

A trip via the Queens Midtown Tunnel will set you back $6.12. However, there is a $9.50 fee for mail delivery of tolls.

New York’s E-ZPass tolls are quite inexpensive compared to other cities. Those who do not have E-ZPass but must use the Queens Midtown Tunnel can find instructions for doing so here.

How Can New Yorkers Get E-ZPass?

The first step in utilising E-ZPass in New York is signing up for an account. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused intermittent service outages.

For this reason, you can ask for your transponder as soon as you sign up for an account. If you want to do this over the phone, you can reach the customer care department at 1-800-697-1554.

Your tag can be mailed to you, but if you can’t wait, you can get one at any toll plaza where NYSBA employees are stationed. Your price for a tag is $25.0.

E-ZPass costs in New York

A wide variety of savings programmes and schemes are accessible to locals. One of the states where E-ZPass tolls are cheaper is New York, which is a huge perk for drivers in the Empire State.

However, this is not the case for tourists, who must continue to pay steep fees. Bear in mind that the benefits of having an PaybyPlatema E-ZPass account are universal, regardless of where you choose to open your account.

The typical price for New York state residents is $6.12. Anyone using a transponder that isn’t registered in New York will be charged $9.50 at the toll booth.

You can still choose from a variety of programmes and discounts. You may read a quick summary of a few of them down below.

Acquiring an E-ZPass plan can help you save money on tolls. These are just a few of the many options you have in New York City.

Deals and Plans for the NY E-ZPass

In New York, E-ZPass customers can choose from a variety of savings packages. Although some of them might only apply to permanent residents, most of them do. Then, let’s get to know them:

Plan options vary by residency status and international status. Don’t be concerned; most plans are accessible to everyone.

The universally applicable strategies are as follows:

Plan for the Thruway Annual Permit – You pay an annual fee, and the first thirty miles you drive will be covered by it. There are some exceptions, like the Castle-on-Hudson Bridge. 

Commuter Plans – Bridges, a topic we’ve finally reached. It could be the finest choice if you frequently cross bridges. The vast bulk of New York City is similarly affected.

For Each Trip

You can select a postpaid plan instead than the standard prepaid one.

Residents can choose from a single option. Anyone who can provide proof of residency in one of the following three areas is eligible for a Resident Plan:

The Three Boroughs of Staten Island, Rockaway, and Grand Island

EZ Tag vs EZ Pass: Is EZ Tag and EZ Pass the same?

E-ZPass is currently operational in 17 states. But if you’re planning a trip to Texas anytime soon, you should know that your E-ZPass won’t be valid there.

Due to the fact that Texas has three separate electronic toll-collection systems, all of which are compatible, this is the case.

TxTag, TollTag, and EZ TAG are the three choices available. Here, we’ll discuss the similarities and differences between E-ZPass and the EZ TAG system.

What is an E-ZPass?

This toll-collection method is utilised in 17 states, mostly in the Midwest and East Coast of the United States.

There are also some out-of-state locations featured, such as the District of Columbia and certain Orlando neighbourhoods.

At any moment, anyone can get an E-ZPass by going to the company’s website and filling out the necessary paperwork. Your transponder will be shipped to you after you register on the website.

In seven to ten business days, your device will be delivered.

What does EZ TAG do?

Among the three toll-collection options in Texas, EZ TAG is a viable option. Despite their similarities in name and purpose, these networks are distinct entities.

Given that the E-ZPass network does not extend to the Lone Star State, EZ TAG can serve as a suitable substitute.

You may rest assured that EZ TAG will get you through any electronic toll lane in Texas without worrying about whether or not you have the proper transponder.

Learn more about the EZ TAG and its features here.

Key differences and similarities between EZ Tag and EZ Pass

There is a lot of overlap between the PaybyPlatema E-ZPass and EZ TAG systems. They both make use of RFID technology to process financial transactions. A transponder is used in the procedure.

You’ll need to mount this gadget on the windscreen of your car (which can be internal or external).

The device in question transmits a signal to an antenna, which then reads and processes your account information and completes the payment.

When you drive through a toll booth, a number of things occur instantly.

Both methods rely on the same underlying technology to function. Unfortunately, they do not work well together.

Therefore, it is illegal to use an E-ZPass in an EZ TAG lane, and vice versa.

Where can I purchase an EZ TAG or E-ZPass?

The application process for both E-ZPass and EZ TAG is same. Your transponder can be obtained by registering at the appropriate website and placing an order for it.

You may find a complete rundown on where to purchase them, including links to relevant websites, below.

E-ZPass Gift Card For NJ, NY, PA & MD

Eighteen different states are linked together through the E-ZPass system. For more than three decades, drivers in the Midwest and West of the United States have benefited from this automated toll collection system. A transponder can be obtained in a number of different ways:

  • Visiting a help desk to resolve an issue.
  • Making a call to the E-ZPass office.
  • By submitting a web-based request for it.

E-ZPass “gift cards” have, however, been available in certain states for a while now. A more formal name for them is “Gift Certificates.” These gift vouchers are only redeemable at select businesses.

Only residents of select states can purchase gift certificates at this time. These gift cards can be used by anyone to either finance an existing E-ZPass account or create a brand new one.

Gift certificates are available for purchase in a variety of different denominations. In Pennsylvania, for instance, a “basic” gift certificate can be purchased for as little as $38. In Pennsylvania, $100 is the cap.

Massachusetts has smaller bills than neighbouring Pennsylvania. Gift Certificates of $30 or $50 are the maximum purchase amount allowed in this state. A gift certificate can be used in the same way as a Pennsylvanian E-ZPass card is, either to start an account or to add money to an existing account.

How can I purchase an E-ZPass gift card?

Present certificates for E-ZPass are a great idea. If you want to buy one, you should check to see if your state sells them. You can either place an order over the phone or walk into the service centre to purchase them.

You may buy an E-ZPass gift certificate in the following states:

Massachusetts Toll-Free Number: 1-877-627-7745

A gift certificate can be obtained in the Bay State by contacting the nearest Customer Service Center. Imagine you decide to make a phone call. If so, expect it in the mail sometime within the following several days (a customer service representative will give you all the information).

Pennsylvania 1-877-736-6727

PA Turnpike claims that they must be requested over the phone. Within the next few business days, you will receive the gift voucher in the mail (these are not specified on the website, they will probably inform you about it during the phone call)

What locations accept E-ZPass gift cards?

It’s a great way to show someone you care to give them the gift of ease with an E-ZPass Gift Certificate. However, you won’t be able to utilise them everywhere. You can only use an PaybyPlatema E-ZPass Gift Certificate in your own state-registered account. For the Pennsylvania Turnpike, for instance, a gift voucher purchased in Massachusetts would not be valid.

I’m not from PA or MA. Do I have any other choice?

Really, it doesn’t. Gift cards are a great option, but you might not always be able to find them. Therefore, we must hold off until they officially announce that these gift cards are available in additional states under the E-ZPass network.

Regrettably, no equivalents exist in any of the other states. If you live somewhere other than Pennsylvania or Massachusetts and were planning on giving this as a present, you might want to rethink your decision.

Are E-ZPass tolls tax deductible?

Have you ever considered whether or not the E-ZPass tolls you pay qualify as a tax deduction? This is a common concern, and it’s understandable why: E-ZPass users face varying levels of attention when it comes to claiming tax deductions. We’ll explain when and how you can write off your E-ZPass tolls on your taxes, as well as discuss the many circumstances in which this is possible.

Tax deductions for E-ZPass tolls exist?

The quick response is that it is conditional on the specifics of your E-ZPass usage. Let’s examine such cases in greater detail:

Use of an E-ZPass for oneself

If you use your E-ZPass for non-business purposes, such getting to and from work or taking a vacation, the tolls are not deductible. This is due to the fact that using E-ZPass to pay for personal travel costs is not tax deductible.

E-ZPass tolls might be tax deductible, however, if you use it for business or professional activities. This topic will be discussed in further depth in the following section.

E-ZPass for business

You may be able to deduct the cost of your E-ZPass tolls if you use it for business travel, such as getting to and from client meetings or delivering deliveries. Maintain an accurate log of your E-ZPass business-related tolls and mileage.

Form 2106 or 2106-EZ, the forms used to report employee expenses not covered by their employer, can be used to deduct tolls incurred while conducting business. Complete this form by detailing your business travel expenses, including the number of kilometres driven and any tolls paid.

Keep in mind that if your employer does not reimburse you for business-related tolls, you cannot deduct those tolls from your taxable income. If your company pays for your tolls, you cannot deduct them from your income but must instead include the amount as income.

Individuals who are self-employed

It is possible to deduct the cost of your E-ZPass tolls if you are self-employed and use it for work-related travel. For those who are self-employed, “unreimbursed business expenses” include tolls incurred while on the clock.

employees’ spending as a “employee expense” on their tax forms. As with other out-of-pocket costs for your business, the tolls must be included as a deduction on your tax return.

As a business expense, tolls can be deducted on Schedule C, which is utilised by those who are self-employed. You must include any personal business expenses, including tolls, on this form.

Note that in order to deduct tolls and other business-related expenses from your taxes, you will need to keep careful records. You should save any documentation you get as proof of the toll’s payment and its intended use.

Groups that do good work

You may be able to deduct the cost of your E-ZPass tolls if you use it to travel to perform a charitable act, such as volunteering for a non-profit. You can accomplish this by claiming the tolls as a deduction on your tax return (Form 1040).

If you want to write off your E-ZPass tolls as a charitable contribution, you’ll need to keep meticulous records of all your charity travel expenses. You may need proof of the toll’s purpose and the amount you paid, such as a receipt.

Bear in mind that there are requirements you must complete in order to take a tax deduction for your charitable contributions. To qualify as a donor, you must, among other things, perform volunteer work for a nonprofit and maintain detailed records of your giving.

Tips for getting a tax break for E-ZPass tolls

There are a few things to keep in mind if you wish to deduct PaybyPlatema E-ZPass tolls from your taxes in order to maximise your chances of doing so and minimise any potential hassles:

  • Maintain precise records If you want to deduct your E-ZPass tolls from your taxes, you’ll need to keep track of exactly how much you spent and why you used your pass. You must have some kind of proof that the toll was paid, such as a receipt, a log, or some other record.
  • If you are using E-ZPass tolls as a tax deductible, you should only deduct those that are directly related to your business or nonprofit work. Tax deductions cannot be claimed for travel costs incurred for personal reasons, such as getting to and from work.
  • You must keep accurate records of your business miles and E-ZPass toll payments in order to deduct their cost from your taxable income. By doing so, you can more confidently claim the deduction on your tax return.
  • Other business-related costs should also be accounted for. You can deduct your tolls from your taxes, but you could also be able to deduct the cost of gas, maintenance, and repairs for your vehicle if you use it for business. Make sure to keep track of these costs and include them in your tax return as deductions.


Depending on your situation, E-ZPass tolls may be tax deductible. Generally speaking, tolls paid with an E-ZPass for personal use are not deductible. However, you may be eligible to write off your E-ZPass tolls if you’re using it for work or a nonprofit.

EZ-Pass Holder for Motorcycle: A Convenient Way to Pay Tolls on the Go

You, as a motorcyclist, have experienced personally the liberating experience of cruising down an open highway. However, paying tolls is one of the few negative aspects of driving. It’s inconvenient to have to pause your progress when you need to rummage through your wallet for cash or fiddle with loose change. That’s why having an EZ-Pass holder for your motorcycle is so useful.

How Does a Motorcycle EZ-Pass Holder Operate?

You’ll need to buy and instal an EZ-Pass transponder on your motorcycle for it to work with EZ-Pass. The transponder is a small electronic device that will deduct the toll from your account after communicating with sensors at the toll booth. Because to their compact size and light weight, EZ-Pass transponders can be easily attached to a motorcycle.

Different methods exist for attaching the EZ-Pass transponder to a motorcycle. A motorcycle-specific EZ-Pass holder is available as an alternative. Most motorcycles include holders that can be attached to the handlebars or front forks to keep the transponder from falling off. Some holders even include an antenna to boost the signal strength of the transponder.

It is also possible to utilise a special EZ-Pass holder that may be attached to the handlebars of a motorcycle. Typically, these holders have a suction cup to adhere to your motorcycle’s windscreen or dashboard. Even while these holders aren’t as safe as motorcycle-specific ones, they can nevertheless serve their purpose if installed in a spot where the toll booth’s sensors can see them.

Mounting the EZ-Pass transponder on your motorcycle is the first step; next, activate it and load it with money. Usually, you can do this by contacting the EZ-Pass help desk via their website or phone. After that, proceed normally through a toll booth or EZ-Pass lane as directed. If you use an electronic toll system, the fee will be debited from your account as you travel through.

Why putting an EZ-Pass holder on your motorcycle is a good idea

Having an EZ-Pass holder for your motorcycle has various advantages:

  1. With an EZ-Pass, you can speed through the toll plaza without stopping to pull out cash. When you’re in a hurry or sitting in traffic, this is a lifesaver.
  2. You may be able to save money by using an EZ-Pass on your toll road or bridge. Using an EZ-Pass will save you money on tolls at many different sites.
  3. A motorbike EZ-Pass holder streamlines the process of paying tolls while you’re on the road. There’s no need to hunt for an ATM or search for a cash machine. After paying the toll, you can continue on your trip.
  4. Lines can be avoided by using the EZ-Pass lanes at toll facilities instead of the cash lanes. By doing so, you can speed through the toll booth and get back on the road.
  5. You can avoid paying tolls altogether by using an EZ-Pass, which allows you to pay for tolls on other highways and bridges even if you aren’t really driving over them. If you plan ahead and pay the toll or wait for a bill in the mail, you won’t have to stop at the toll booth at all.

The Best Ways to Use an EZ-Pass Holder on a Motorcycle

Follow these pointers to make the most of your motorcycle’s EZ-Pass holder:

  1. Make that the transponder is securely fastened and can be read by the sensors in the toll booth. A misplaced transponder may not be able to connect with the sensors, resulting in an incorrect toll being deducted.
  2. Keep track of your current account balance. Have money on hand to cover the cost of the tolls as you travel through them. When your EZ-Pass account reaches zero, it will be cancelled unless you add money to it.
  3. Be sure to monitor what goes on with your account. Maintaining a close eye on your EZ-Pass account is a must to guarantee that all charges are processed correctly. Get in touch with EZ-support Pass’s staff if you find any inconsistencies or typos.
  4. Preparation is the key to a successful journey. Before setting out on your trip, research whether or not EZ-Pass is accepted on the highways you plan to use, and whether or not there are any savings for EZ-Pass holders. By doing so, you can save money and steer clear of any unforeseen tolls.
  5. Check that your transponder may be used with the toll facility you intend to visit. In general, EZ-Pass transponders are accepted at all toll stations, however some may have additional restrictions or employ alternative technology. Make sure your transponder is compatible by calling the toll facility ahead of time.


Mounting an EZ-Pass reader on your motorcycle is a practical solution for toll payment on the fly. If you instal a transponder on your motorcycle, you won’t have to stop and pay tolls every time you go through a toll booth, saving you both time and money. You can also take advantage of the faster PaybyPlatema EZ-Pass lanes and possibly even skip paying the tolls entirely. In order to get the most out of your EZ-Pass holder, it is important to correctly instal the transponder, maintain a sufficient amount, and regularly check your account activity.

How does E-ZPass work with a trailer?

Many U.S. toll highways, bridges, and tunnels accept E-ZPass, an electronic toll collecting system. It eliminates the need for drivers to pull over and pay tolls in cash or with a paper ticket. Instead, a tiny transponder is attached to the windscreen, and the driver’s account is charged the toll as soon as the car goes through the toll booth.

Although E-ZPass makes it easy and fast to pay tolls, towing a trailer can make the process more challenging. This article explores E-compatibility ZPass’s with trailers and the many pass-through methods accessible to towing motorists.

What Does E-ZPass Do?

In order for E-ZPass to function, radio frequency identification (RFID) technology is used. A transponder in the car receives a signal from an antenna installed on the toll booth as the vehicle goes through. The transponder will then give back a number that corresponds to the driver’s account.

The driver’s account is charged for the toll, and a receipt is delivered electronically or in the mail (depending on the agency). If the driver’s account balance is low, the toll booth should notify them to add money.

How do trailers and E-ZPass work together?

Make sure your PaybyPlatema E-ZPass transponder is set up correctly if you pull a trailer. This is due to the fact that hauling a trailer may incur a different toll fee than driving without one.

Trailer owners with an E-ZPass can choose from a few different options:

Option 1: Buy the trailer a separate transponder

Trailer-specific transponders are available from some toll agencies. The driver’s account can be connected to one of these transponders, which can then be attached to the trailer’s front bumper. The toll will be deducted from the account as soon as the trailer goes through the toll booth.

This choice has the benefit of appropriately charging the toll for the trailer. It does, however, call for a second transponder and may involve other costs.

Option 2: Make use of the towing vehicle’s transponder

There are situations in which the transponder of the towing vehicle can be used to cover the cost of the trailer’s toll. To do this, the transponder must be linked to the trailer’s registration.

This selection is preferable because it saves money by eliminating the need to buy a second transponder. On the other hand, it is not always reliable because the toll rate for the trailer may be different from that of the vehicle pulling it.

Option 3: Apply a transponder for a “trailer plate”

A “trailer plate” transponder, designed specifically for use in paying tolls for trailers, is available from several toll agencies. The transponder can be used to precisely charge the appropriate toll fee by linking it to the trailer’s licence plate number.

This alternative has the advantage of charging the correct toll amount for the trailer without necessitating the purchase of a separate transponder. This service, however, may not be accessible in all places and may have additional costs associated with it.

Use a “trailer pass,” in last choice

Trailer owners also have the option of using a “trailer pass.” Towing vehicles can now add their trailers to their E-ZPass accounts with the use of this specialised pass. It is common practise to affix a sticker or decal to the trailer’s registration plate to indicate that the trailer has a valid pass.

It’s a plus that this choice eliminates the need to buy a separate transponder for the trailer, since it may be linked to the account of the towing vehicle. This service, however, may not be accessible in all places and may have additional costs associated with it.


Tolls can be paid quickly and easily with an E-ZPass, but drivers who are also pulling a trailer may find the system more cumbersome than necessary. Trailer owners can choose from several alternative transponder solutions, including installing a dedicated trailer transponder, transferring the transponder from the towing vehicle, installing a “trailer plate” transponder, or installing a “trailer pass.” Contacting the appropriate local toll agency is a must for figuring out which course of action is ideal.

Does Zipcar have E-ZPass?

Members of Zipcar, a car-sharing service, can reserve and utilise cars on an hourly or daily basis. Zipcar is an increasingly common substitute for personal automobile ownership, with over a million users and more than 10,000 cars in hundreds of cities across the world.

Many people who utilise toll roads in the United States may wonder if Zipcar supports the electronic toll collecting system E-ZPass. In this piece, we’ll investigate if and how Zipcar supports E-ZPass for its members.

What is an E-ZPass?

Many U.S. highways and roads now accept electronic toll payments via the E-ZPass system. Transponders fitted in vehicles communicate with readers at toll booths to facilitate the system’s operation. When an E-ZPass-equipped vehicle drives through a toll booth, the necessary amount of money is removed from the driver’s account.

By eliminating the requirement for cars to pull over and pay cash for tolls, E-ZPass streamlines the process of making toll payments. Many toll facilities provide discounts for E-ZPass customers, making the usage of the service more cost-effective.

Is there an E-ZPass for Zipcar?

For those wondering if Zipcar has E-ZPass, the quick answer is “yes.” Some Zipcars are equipped with E-ZPass transponders. Note that not all Zipcars are equipped with E-ZPass, and that whether or not a given car has one depends on its location and availability.

If you need to use a toll road frequently, Zipcars may have E-ZPass transponders installed. Long-distance Zipcar travellers who don’t want to pull over to pay tolls would like this feature.

How do E-ZPass and Zipcar work together?

If you’re a Zipcar member and would like to utilise a car that accepts E-ZPass, you’ll need to first determine whether or not such cars are available in your area, and then reserve one. However, keep in mind that the number of vehicles that accept E-ZPass may fluctuate according on supply and demand.

You will receive guidance on how to use the E-ZPass transponder when you pick up a Zipcar that is equipped with this service. Simply proceed through the toll booths as normal, and the appropriate amount will be removed from your E-ZPass account.

You’ll need to bring your own E-ZPass transponder, as Zipcar does not provide them. As a result, you’ll need to create a new E-ZPass account if you want to use the E-ZPass feature with Zipcar and don’t currently have one.

Does Using E-ZPass with Zipcar Come with Any Fees?

Using an E-ZPass with Zipcar is free, meaning that you only pay the regular hourly or daily charge for the car. While utilising a Zipcar equipped with E-ZPass, you will be responsible for paying any and all tolls incurred. Your E-ZPass account will be charged for the tolls at the posted rates.

If your Zipcar trip ends up costing more than the amount of money in your E-ZPass account, you’ll have to cover the difference.

It’s also worth mentioning that some Zipcars may have built-in automatic toll payment systems that can be used in lieu of an E-ZPass. These systems automatically pay tolls for drivers by using a mix of licence plate readers and other technologies. All such tolls will be applied to your final Zipcar payment without your involvement.

For those who frequently utilise toll highways, it’s good to know that Zipcar provides some vehicles equipped with E-ZPass transponders. It’s worth noting that not every Zipcar is equipped with E-ZPass, and that the number of cars that do have it varies by region and demand.

If you are a Zipcar member and would like to utilise a car equipped with E-ZPass, you will need to first determine whether or not such cars are available in your area, and then reserve one. To use the PaybyPlatema E-ZPass capability with Zipcar, you’ll also need a valid E-ZPass account.

For Zipcar drivers who must utilise toll roads, E-ZPass can be a time-saving alternative to pulling over to manually insert payment. But you should know the E-ZPass rates and make sure your E-ZPass account has enough money to cover any tolls you may incur while driving a Zipcar.