A Full Guide to Where to Buy E-ZPass Sticky Strips

Those who use toll highways and bridges frequently will be familiar with the E-ZPass system. Tolls can be paid electronically in 17 states, saving time and eliminating the need to pull over and wait in line at a toll booth.

You need an E-ZPass account and a transponder installed in your car to use the E-ZPass system. The transponder is a tiny device that communicates with sensors at toll booths via radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. When you drive by a toll booth, your transponder will be read by the sensors and the toll will be taken out of your account automatically.

E-ZPass adhesive strips are available for those who want not to permanently attach a transponder to their car. Stick these thin strips to the inside of your windscreen and you’ll have a clear view out. They have RFID technology similar to that used in transponders, allowing them to interact with toll booth sensors in the same way.

Where can one purchase E-ZPass adhesive strips is the question at hand. In this piece, we’ll take a look at the various paths you can take.

Where to Buy E-ZPass Sticky Strips: Online

Online shopping is a convenient option for acquiring E-ZPass adhesive strips. You can sign up for an account, make changes to your account, and buy transponders or adhesive strips online at the official website of several of the states that use the E-ZPass system.

If you live in New York, for instance, you can go online to the New York E-ZPass site and buy a sticker for $25. Likewise, residents of Illinois can go online to the Illinois E-ZPass website and buy a sticker for $10.

Buying a sticky strip on the internet is typically a simple affair. A valid form of payment, together with some identifying information about yourself and your vehicle, will be required (such as a credit card). The adhesive strip will be shipped to you once the transaction has been finalised.

To use your sticky strip, you must first activate it. Activating an E-ZPass is often done online, but there are occasions when calling customer support is necessary.

Sticky E-ZPass Cards: Where to Buy Them in Stores

Going to a store to purchase E-ZPass adhesive strips is another alternative. It is possible to buy E-ZPass stickers in person from authorised retailers in several of the states that use the system. E-ZPass can be purchased at convenient stores like Walgreens and 7-Eleven, as well as at specially designated retail sites.

In Pennsylvania, for instance, residents can pay $35 at a retail outlet to obtain a sticky strip. Sticky strips can be purchased for $15 at any one of the stores that are taking part in the programme in Maryland.

Your state’s E-ZPass organisation probably has a webpage where you can look for retail locations. A store finder is available on the official website of some states to assist you discover the one closest to you.

When purchasing a sticky strip from a store, bear in mind that you may be asked to show identification (such a driver’s licence or state ID) to ensure that you are who you say you are. A legitimate method of payment is also required.

Customer Service Centers

A customer support centre is another alternative if you are unable to locate a sticky strip in a store or online. These centres are run by the state agency responsible for the E-ZPass programme and provide assistance to people who use the programme.

In most cases, you may locate an PaybyPlatema E-ZPass customer support centre through the agency’s website in your state. Sticky strips may be available and their prices could be obtained by calling a customer service number in some states.

It is important to bring a method of payment and photo identification with you to the customer care centre. It’s best to call the customer service department ahead of time to find out what you’ll need to bring in order to buy a sticky strip, as the requirements for doing so can differ from state to state.

E-ZPass Sticky Strips: How to Use Them

Here are some suggestions for making the most of your newfound knowledge of where to purchase E-ZPass adhesive strips:

Verify that the adhesive strip is securely connected to the windscreen. Place it in the lower left hand corner of the driver’s side windscreen, with the RFID sticker facing outward.
It is important to keep the adhesive strip clean and free of contaminants. The functionality of the strip can be impaired by dirt and debris.

Keep in mind that there is a cut-off date. There is a time limit on the use of E-ZPass stickers—typically around a year from the time of purchase. Before the sticky strip expires, replace it.
Learn how much money is in your account. Make sure your account balance is high enough to cover your tolls by checking it frequently. If your balance drops too low, you may need to replenish it by making a deposit.


Instead of permanently installing a transponder on your car, you can use the electronic toll collecting system with the ease and convenience of E-ZPass sticky strips. E-ZPass adhesive strips are available for purchase on the company’s website, in stores, and through the company’s dedicated customer service department. Make sure your sticky strip is functioning properly and your account balance is high enough to cover your tolls by following the aforementioned steps.

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